Humboldt Park Stables Statement of Facts and FOIA Documents

A Statement of Facts and FOIA research documents surrounding the illegal construction in Humboldt Park adjacent to the Chicago Landmarked Humboldt Park Receptory & Stable Building are below.

Since construction began, Preservation Chicago has researched through the Freedom of Information Act documents from five city and state agencies to better understand the process that resulted in the construction of a building in Humboldt Park by the National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture without first securing the necessary building permits and other approvals.

This statement of facts is a summary based on the lengthy set of exhibits which corroborate dates and information. Link to Humboldt Park Stables Statement of Facts.

Please find links below to FOIA documents available to the public and other related documents below.

A. Humboldt Receptory Building and Stable Landmark Report 2007

AA. NMPRAC IDNR Quarterly Financial Report 20220126

AB. Institute of Puerto Rican Arts Culture contract CPD 2002October

AC. Institute of Puerto Rican Arts Culture contract 20070731

AD. Block Club Chicago – Humboldt Parkers Want City To Tear Down Unauthorized Building Next To Landmarked Museum

AE. Chicago Reader – No walk in the park

AF. CPD NMPRAC Agreement 2014

C. Artist Rendering 2020 Source NMPRAC

D. IDNR Public Museum Capital Grant Application

E. SHPO Conditional Approval Consent letter

F. IDNR and NMPRAC Grant Agreement

G. Humboldt Park Stable Service Request Detail

H – Image of cinder block building under construction September 2022

I. Stable Window Restoration Plan material source SHPO office

J. SHPO Review and Correspondence from 2020 NMPRAC submission

K. SHPO letter reversing 2020 decision and approving plans as submitted

L. SHPO Letter to IDNR granting agency with conditional support

M. CPD letter to NMPRAC

N. Application to Chicago Park District for access permit

O. SHPO Correspondence Seeking Grant Application for CPD

P. SHPO Email to IDNR Rescinding Previous Approval

Q. SHPO Email Response to NMPRAC Questions

R. SHPO Letter to IDNR Rescinding Approval

S. SHPO Letter to IDNR noting CPD owns land and requires consultations

T. CPD FOIA Response No Environmental Reports 

U. CPD FOIA Response no soil testing results

V. CPD Letter to NMPRAC

W. Department of Buildings Permit Application

X. DOB Permit Application 

Y. NMPRAC Permit Drawings

Z. NMPRAC IDNR Grant Quarterly Report