Chicago Landmark Districts

Chicago Landmark Districts


Creating Landmark Districts

When concerned citizens approach Preservation Chicago, most often the motivating catalyst is a threatened teardown or recent demolition in their neighborhood.

In 2004, our organization embarked on a campaign called The Landmark District Initiative. This campaign was designed to inform communities about the benefits of creating landmark districts. Our educational outreach provides the facts that communities need in order to determine if the creation of a landmark district is the right planning strategy for their neighborhood or block.

Frequently, a series of community meetings are conducted, during which we facilitate open question and answer forums, provide guidance, and disseminate factual and unbiased information that, at the request of the community, can also include our slide lecture.

You can find the answers to many of your questions in our Landmarking FAQ’s. Please also refer to the City of Chicago Landmarks Commission web site.

If you are concerned about the architectural future of your neighborhood, please Contact Us. We would be honored to serve your community.

Row of classic vernacular Chicago two-flats on Leclaire Avenue, circa 1910 to 1915. Photo Credit: Eric Allix Rogers