Chicago Legacy Business List

Chicago Legacy Business List and Overview


Chicago Legacy Business Overview

Chicago is a city of neighborhoods. Chicago neighborhoods are anchored by Chicago Legacy Businesses. Chicago Legacy Businesses are often multi-generational, family-owned, and locally operated. Business owners often live in their community and employ people from their community.

Chicago Legacy Businesses are a reflection of Chicago which is culturally rich and ethnically diverse. Their authenticity and uniqueness contribute to the quality of life for Chicagoans.

Pressure from rising rents and competition from national chains has forced many Chicago Legacy Businesses to close. The economic impact of the pandemic has made it even more challenging for Chicago Legacy Businesses to survive.

Chicago Legacy Businesses have been supporting Chicago and serving Chicagoans for decades. Now is the time we must recognize, celebrate and support them.

By recognizing and celebrating Chicago Legacy Businesses, Preservation Chicago hopes that Chicagoans will choose to support them by “voting with their wallets”. The simplest way for individuals to support Chicago Legacy Businesses is by shopping, dinning and drinking at these establishments.

Additionally, Preservation Chicago hopes that City of Chicago will take steps to pass a Chicago Legacy Business Protection Ordinance to help recognize, celebrate and financially support Chicago Legacy Businesses. Successful legacy business programs have been implemented in San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles and others.

The list and map below is a work-in-progress and is the result of hundreds of responses through a crowd-sourced request for nominations through social media. This Chicago Legacy Business list is a great start, but is far from complete. Preservation Chicago will proactively reach out to chambers of commerce and other neighborhood organizations to try to fill in some of the gaps in the list so that the wonderful diversity that makes Chicago great is better reflected.

We invite you to submit any additional Chicago Legacy Businesses that haven’t yet been added to the list through the website contact form, email or send us a tweet. General rules for Chicago Legacy Businesses include: located in Chicago, locally-owned, and in business for at least 25 years old.

Link to learn more about specific strategies to Support Chicago Legacy Businesses.

Chicago Legacy Business List

Chicago Legacy Business List 
Alcala’s Western Wear1972
Andy’s Deli 1918
Ann Sather Restaurant1945
Ba Le1988
Balzekas Motor Sales1919
Barba Yianni ???
Beverly Bike and Ski1921
Billy Goat Tavern1934
Birrieria Ocotlan1973
Bob Inn1945
Budackis Drive In ???
Calo Ristorante1967
Calumet Bakery1935
Calumet Fisheries1948
Capt’n Nemos1971
Cary’s Lounge1972
Central Camera1899
Chicago Diner1983
Chicago Filmmakers1976
Chipp Inn1897
Chiu Quon Bakery1986
Cho Sun Ok1980
Cole’s appliance & furniture1946
County Fair Foods1964
Crane Company1855
Cubbie Bear1953
D’Amato’s Bakery1970
Danny’s Tavern1980s
Decorators Supply 1883
DiCola’s Seafood1933
Dinkel’s Bakery1922
Disco City1976
Donnellan Funeral Home1913
Duk’s Red Hots 
El Milagro1950
Exchequer Restaurant1969
Fat Johnnies Famous Red Hots1972
Felix Lock Service1916
Ferrara Bakery1908
Fireside Bowl1941
Fox’s Restaurant1960’s
Foxes Pub Pizza,1934
Frances’ Deli1938
Franco’s Ristorante1989
Gale Street Inn1985
Garcia’s Tacos1991
Geja’s Cafe 1965
Gene & Georgetti1941
Glasscott’s Groggery1937
Greek Island1971
Green Door Tavern1921
Gulliver’s Pizza & Pub1965
Guthrie’s Tavern1986
Hagens Fish Market1946
Harold’s Chicken Shack1950
Harvestime Foods 1995
Henry Frerk and Sons1888
Hyman’s Auto Supply & Hardware1927
India Sari Palace on Devon1973
Inner Town Pub1983
Italian Fiesta Pizzeria1919
Italian Village1927
Iwan Ries & Co.1857
Janson’s Drive-In1960
Jeffery Pub1965
Jim’s Original (Hot Dog)1939
Joe’s Barbershop1968
Joseph’s Finest Meats1977
Kasey’s Tavern1974
Kelly’s Pub, 
Ken’s on Western1956
Kingston Mines1968
Kopi Cafe, 1991
L&L Tavern1960s
La Crêperie1972
La Pasadita1976
La Villa1972
Laschet’s Inn1971
Lawrence’s Fish & Shrimp1950
Lottie’s Pub1934
Lou Mitchell’s 1923
Lyon and Healy Harps1864
Mack’s Motor Sales1934
Magic Inc.1926
Margies Candies1933
Marie’s Pizza1940
Mario’s Italian Ice1954
Mark II 1950s
Mellow Yellow 1976
Merz Apothecary1875
Middle East Bakery1981
Milano’s Pizza1984
Montrose Saloon1976
Moody’s Pub1959
Moon’s Sandwich Shop1933
Morgan Locksmith’s1962
Murphys Bleachers1930s
Music Box Theatre1929
Myopic books1995
Nisei Lounge1951
North Side Federal1935
Nuts on Clark1981
Old Fashioned Donuts1972
Old Town Ale House1958
Old Town School of Folk Music1957
Optimo Hats1995
Orange Garden1932
Original Soul Vegetarian1982
Orlando glass and trim1918
Oscar Wastyn Cycles1910
Palace Grill 1938
Pasta Fresh 1989
Patel Brothers Grocery1974
Paulina Meat Market 1949
Performers Music1981
Phoenix Bean Tofu1990
Phyllis’ Musical Inn1954
R.J. Grunts1971
Rainbo Club 1936
Rainbow Cone1926
Reebie Storage1880
Regal Men’s Wearc. 1955
Resi’s Bierstube1972
Roeser’s Bakery 1911
Romanian Kosher Sausage1957
Ronny’s Steak House1963
Sayat Nova Armenian Restaurant,1970
Schubas Tavern1989
Schulze and Burch Biscuit Company 1896 
Second City1959
Seminary Co-Op Bookstore1961
Shinnick’s Pub1938
Simon’s Tavern1934
Skyway Bowl1950s
Svea Restaurant1934
Tastee Freeze1950
The Burwood Tap 
The Fish Keg1951
The Hideout1934
The Spice House1957
The Walnut Room1907
Timber Lanes bowling alley???
Top Notch1942
Topo Gigioc. 1995
Town Hall Pub 1960
Tufanos 1930s
Unabridged Bookstore1980
V&V Supremo Foods1964
West Irving Shoe repair 1918
Western Automatic Music1937
Whirlaway Lounge1980
Phil’s Pizza1960
Fontano’s Subs1960
Carm’s Italian Beef1929
Conte Di Savoia1948
Al’s Italian Beef1938
Miller’s Pub1935
Barry-Regent Cleaners1950
Pride Cleaners1959
Hollander Moving & Storage1888
Gordon’s Ace Hardware1950
Tenenbaum True Value Hardware1923
Southport Lanes1922
Burhop’s Seafood1926
Chicago Theater1921
Vic Theater1912
Park West1916
Pearl’s Place1990s
Medici 1960s
Powell’s Books1970
The Cove Lounge 
Thai 55 
Bruno’s Lounge1956
Marshall Pierce & Company1928
Clark-Devon Hardware1924
Vince & Gino’s (barbershop1960
Sky-Ride Tap