Walking Chicago: 35 Tours of the Windy City Dynamic Neighborhoods and Famous Lakeshore by Robert Loerzel


“The timing of Robert Loerzel’s Walking Chicago — his revamp of Ryan Ver Berkmoes’s 2008 book of the same name — couldn’t be better. Long before shelter-in-place made boulevardiers of us all, the writer, Tribune and Chicago copyeditor, and man-about-town regularly documented his jaunts around the city on Twitter. His eagle-eyed observations and zest for local wildlife has charmed thousands of followers, many of whom replicate his itineraries. Loerzel recalls once live-tweeting his stroll around Big Marsh Park on the city’s southeast side; as he exited the trail, he saw an editor at the Tribune entering. ‘I saw your tweets and wanted to check it out myself,’ the editor said.

“On Monday, the day before Walking Chicago hit bookshelves, Loerzel and I followed an abbreviated version of a route close to his heart: through Andersonville to Uptown, where Loerzel has lived for the last 14 years. We walked south down Clark from Bryn Mawr, cutting through St. Boniface Cemetery, then east on Argyle to Broadway. We ended at Lawrence, in front of the Green Mill. The following is an edited account of our conversation.” (Edgar, /8/13/20)

Read the full story at Chicago Magazine

Walking Chicago With Robert Loerzel: A new book offers guides to 35 urban trails around

the city. We walked the author’s hometown route, Hannah Edgar, Chicago Magazine, 8/13/20

Purchase a copy at Bookshop.org. Bookshop.org is an online bookstore with a mission to financially support local, independent bookstores.


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