November 2020 Month-in-Review Newsletter


Table of Contents

  1. Open Call for Chicago 7 2021 Nominations
  2. THREATENED: La Luce / Lake Street Schlitz Tied
  3. PETITION: Save the Lake Street Schlitz Tied House
  4. LOSS: Pilsen Landmark District Rejected
  5. COLUMN: Chicago Tribune: Pilsen District
  6. EDITORIAL: Chicago Sun-Times: Pilsen District
  7. THREATENED: Thompson Center Sale Delayed
  8. WIN: Halsted and Willow Intersection Landmarked
  9. WIN: Miracle House Becomes Preliminary Chicago Landmark
  10. THREATENED: Congress Theater Foreclosure
  11. WIN: Uptown National Bank Adaptive Reuse
  12. WIN: West Pullman School Adaptive Reuse
  13. WIN: Landmark Ordinance Protected on Wells Street
  14. WIN: Milwaukee Avenue Downzoning in Avondale
  15. WIN: North Lawndale Schools Closure Plan Withdrawn
  16. LOSS: Wing Hoe Edgewater Mansion Demolition
  17. WIN: Preservation Excellence Awards 2020
  18. WIN: Washington Park G ‘L’ Station Adaptive Reuse
  19. RETIRING: Tim Samuelson, Chicago’s Beloved Cultural Historian
  20. LOSS: Iconic Art Deco R.V. Kunka Drug Store Sign
  21. BUYER WANTED: 6500 S. Eberhart for sale
  22. BUYER WANTED: 4706 Malden for sale
  23. THREATENED: 90-Day Demolition Delay
  24. LOSS: Spotlight on Demolition (62 demolitions in November 2020)


  • PRINT: Chicago Sun-Times Editorial: New Landmark Survey Overdue To Protect Chicago’s Architectural and Cultural Heritage
  • VIDEO: WTTW: It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…Geoffrey Baer?
  • PRINT: WTTW Chicago: The Influential Plan That Sought to Make Chicago Beautiful
  • PRINT: Saving Cook County Hospital: Q&A with Lisa DiChiera
  • PANEL: Preserving the Past, Fortifying the Future: The Economic Case for Historic Preservation presented by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation
  • STUDY: 90+ Converted Apartment Buildings in 7 Decades Make Chicago the U.S. Adaptive Reuse Champ


  • Preservation Chicago’s Investment Through Preservation In Roseland Open House Chicago Panel Discussion
  • Chicago Detours 12-Week “Chicago Architecture Crash Course”
  • Logan Square Preservation Launches Self-Guided Online Virtual Neighborhood Tour
  • Chicago History Podcast with Tommy Henry


  • Preservation Chicago 7 Most Endangered Book On Sale
  • Roseland’s South Michigan Avenue Commercial District: “The Avenue’s” Past, Present and Future.
  • Preservation Chicago Tours the Arlington Deming Historic District.
  • Unity Temple: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Modern Masterpiece
  • The Chicago Movie Palaces of Balaban and Katz
  • Chicago Apartments: A Century and Beyond of Lakefront Luxury
  • Modern in the Middle: Chicago Houses 1929–75
  • Walking Chicago: 35 Tours of the Windy City Dynamic Neighborhoods and Famous Lakeshore


  • Support the Logan Square Comfort Station
  • Support the Central Park Theatre Restoration
  • Raise It Up! Campaign for South Side Community Art Center
  • Sign the Petition to Support The Jefferson Park Firehouse
  • Save the Castle! Help Restore The Givins Beverly Castle
  • Help Restore Louis Sullivan’s Holy Trinity Cathedral
  • Raise the Roof! Fund The Forum! Campaign


  • Chicago 7 Posters and Swag
  • (and last but not least) Please Support Preservation Chicago!


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