THREATENED: George Eddy House Targeted for Demolition

“A white-pillared house on Sheridan Road in Edgewater, built in 1900 during the street’s heyday as a long strand of upscale homes along the lake, will be demolished by its new owners.

“The brick house, on a little over a quarter of an acre at 5852 N. Sheridan Road, sold Thursday for $1.2 million. Jingjie Shen, the Time Realty agent who represented the buyers, said they plan to demolish it.

“The house was built in 1900 for George and Mary Eddy. George Eddy was an executive at R.M. Eddy Foundry, which had been in Chicago since at least 1851 and was located in what’s now River North, at Kingsbury and Ohio streets. Later, their son Charles owned the house until he died in 1930.

“At the time the house was built, Sheridan Road ran along the lakefront, and developer John Cochran laid out wide sidewalks and other amenities to rival the draw of the north lakefront suburbs. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, a few dozen large single-family homes were built there, many with lake views.

“Among the residents of the neighborhood were meatpacking king Oscar Mayer, Chicago Cubs owner Charles Weeghman and the heads of several industrial firms.

“The other single-family structures that remain on the strip include one that is now operated as a co-working space, one owned by Loyola University Chicago and two owned by the Chicago Park District and serving as public spaces in Berger Park” (Rodkin, Crain’s Chicago Business, 10/31/22)

Preservation Chicago, Edgewater Historical Society and preservation partners have organized an advocacy effort to try to prevent the demolition of this historic home. We have reached out to the buyer to explore possible adaptive reuse or incorporating the historic building into new construction.

Read the full story at Crain’s Chicago Business

Say goodbye to this dilapidated remnant of Sheridan Road’s heyday; The house is one of only a few old lakefront homes in Edgewater that have not yet been replaced by mid-rises. Its new owners plan to demolish it, Dennis Rodkin, Crain’s Chicago Business, 10/31/22


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