Success! Chicago Harbor Lighthouse ‘Chicago Harbor Lighthouse – Past, Present and Future” May 24, 2023 With Guest Speakers Edward Torrez, Ward Miller, & Kurt Lentsch

Ward Miller addresses members of the Cliff Dwellers Club and the Friends of the Chicago Harbor Lighthouse regarding the history and efforts to restore lighthouse and open it to visitors. Photo credit: Tyler Pasciak LaRiviere / Chicago Sun-Times

“We’ve had a busy month working on trying to save the Lighthouse. The word is getting out, the Lighthouse is receiving media attention, and our work is getting noticed.

“Thank you to the Burnham Park Yacht Club, Preservation Chicago, and the Cliff Dwellers Club for hosting our presentations this month. It is great to share our love of the history of Chicago and the Chicago Harbor Lighthouse with others.

“As I talk to more and more people about the Chicago Harbor Lighthouse, or as Edward Torrez has referred to it, The People’s Lighthouse, I am fortunate to hear what it has meant to people over the years. Some have stories of watching the lighthouse from shore, some of sailing past it, and some even of visiting it as a child. Some have said that the Lighthouse opened up the rest of the world to them as a child and a memory that lasted a lifetime.

“This is why we are working unapologetically to Preserve, Restore and Celebrate the Chicago Harbor Lighthouse which will allow public access to this incredible Chicago landmark.

“The Chicago Harbor Light is a fully functioning aid to navigation, and while the lighthouse building is owned by the City of Chicago, the United States Coast Guard maintains the light and foghorn. The Light operates from dusk to dawn, seven days a week, 365 days a year, year-in and year-out.

“Officially, the Chicago Harbor Light is light No. 19960 in the USCG Light List. It flashes red every five seconds, which can be seen from a range of 15 miles out into the lake. The foghorn operates, when conditions require it, with two blasts every 30 seconds (two-second blast) which you can hear along the lakefront on a foggy day.

“I want to take a moment to say thank you to the staff at the Chicago Park District Lincoln Park Conservatory, who worked on the Spring House Show, “Cooler by the Lake.” It was a beautiful tribute to Chicago’s lakefront and the Chicago Harbor Lighthouse. I am in awe of the extraordinary work they do and the dedication and passion they bring to their efforts.

“A special thank you to Matt, Sebastian, Neil, Steve, Rachel, Pedro, Adrianne, and Tim, for their hard work on the show and for donating the Lighthouse model to the Friends of the Chicago Harbor Lighthouse, which will allow us to keep your little lighthouse shining on!

“So, let’s embrace the warmth of June and the season of sun-soaked days. Be Safe and Be Well!

“Kurt Lentsch, Chief Dreamer and President, Friends of the Chicago Harbor Lighthouse”
(From the Chicago Harbor Lighthouse June Newsletter)


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