Celebrating 50 years of the Historic Pullman Foundation during Pullman National Railroad Days May 20, 2023

Ward Miller and Toni Preckwinkle during the 50 years of the Historic Pullman Foundation Vintage Train Experience on May 20, 2023. Photo credit: Cook County Board

“Join Historic Pullman Foundation for its annual Pullman Railroad Days, taking place at Pullman National Historical Park May 20-21. This weekend-long celebration about the important Pullman story: railroad innovation and the people who drive it.

“In partnership with Metra, and the American Association of Private Railroad Car Owners, visitors will be able to explore historic Pullman rail cars from different eras at the 111th Street/Pullman Metra Electric station over the weekend. Included are the 1923 New York Central 3, the 1950 Royal Street Observation car, and the 1949 Colonial Crafts.” (Historic Pullman Foundation)

“Organizers will lead four guided tours of the community, and the first floor of the historical Hotel Florence will be open for visits during the event.

“The Historic Pullman Foundation’s 50th anniversary exhibit, exploring the advocacy to preserve and promote the community’s history that ultimately led to the national historical park designation, is also included in the ticket.

“Visitors can also participate in activities like tours of three Pullman-made rail cars, live performances of music popular when Pullman was a company town and a vendor fair featuring community groups.

“‘It’s going to be bigger and better than last year,’ said Julian Jackson, executive director of the Historic Pullman Foundation. ‘We’re really leaning into some of the more family-friendly events this year.'” (Evans, Block Club Chicago, 5/17/23)


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