WBEZ: What’s That Building? The Krause Music Store on WBEZ Chicago

“Tucked away on a busy section of Lincoln Avenue sits a remarkable building that has made people stop and stare since 1922.

“Today, it’s up for sale by owners Pooja and Peter Vukosavich — but only by someone who’ll cherish the history of the building. In the past, it’s been used as an office, a funeral home, art gallery and architectural gift shop.

“The Krause Music Store’s facade was designed by famous Chicago architect Louis Sullivan and follows his slogan ‘form follows function.’ In this case, the form is a richly-ornamented, gray, terra cotta façade that sets off a big central window made to display pianos.

“Like a stage, the large window is surrounded by a frame of lights, flowers and color.

“After the Vukosaviches bought the property in 2005, they embarked on a $1.2 million rehab of the stunning facade and interior. They added a serene Japanese garden out back and rented out the second floor apartment where original owner William Krause lived.

“The building is currently up for sale for $2.9 million. The Vukosaviches, who paid $665,000 for the building, want to find somebody who will appreciate, treasure and protect the building as they have.

“The Krause Music Store is a beautiful last act in Louis Sullivan’s long career, but it also has a sad history.” (Rodkin, 3/30/20)

On September 20, 1977, the City of Chicago recognized the historic significance of the Krause Music Store and it became a Designated Chicago Landmark.

Hear the full story and see all the photos at WBEZ Chicago 91.5

Reset, What’s That Building? The Krause Music Store, Dennis Rodkin, WBEZ Chicago 91.5, 3/30/20


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