PRINT: The Most Interesting Historic Interiors in Chicago in Curbed Chicago

“From afar, Chicago’s architecture dazzles. But get up close to the city’s historic lobbies, atriums, and libraries? It’ll be hard not to wonder what’s on the inside of the next steel-framed or terra cotta-clad building you see. We all know and love the old favorites like the Tiffany-glass dome at the Chicago Cultural Center or the handsome Palmer House Hotel lobby. So with this list, we took the opportunity to suggest a few historic landmarks that might be under the radar for their interiors.

“We’ll continue to add to this list of beautiful and interesting interiors in Chicago—by no means is this an exhaustive list. So go ahead, share your favorite interiors in the comment section.” (Freund, Curbed Chicago, 2/27/20)

1. The Brewster Building
2. Reebie Storage Warehouse
3. The Delaware Building
4. City Hall
5. Garfield Park Gold Dome Field House
6. Field Building
7. Fine Arts Building
8. Blackstone Library
9. South Shore Cultural Center
10. New Regal Theater
11. The Yale

Read the full story with photos and building descriptions at Curbed Chicago

The most interesting historic interiors in Chicago; There’s beauty everywhere: Theaters, fieldhouses, apartments, lobbies and libraries, Sara Freund, Curbed Chicago, 2/27/20


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