BUYER WANTED: 4706 Malden Needs a Preservation-Oriented Buyer!


Preservation Chicago is working with Sheridan Park neighbors to bring the beautiful historic home at 4706 N. Malden Street in the Sheridan Park National Register District to the attention of preservation-oriented buyers.

“Victorian home with elaborate trim and interior woodwork. Nestled on Malden street with mature trees and an iron gate fence, this home features a large driveway, front yard, elaborate cone tower on the left side of the house. Seven bedrooms and a basement give plenty of room for bringing this home to its former glory. Wood and iron wrap around staircase leads to the second floor. This can be a perfect home to renovate to all of your specific tastes and desires. Additional six parking spaces in the rear of the property are rented out for additional income. Needs work from water leak damage.”

Preservation Chicago has been working with Sheridan Park neighbors, community and elected officials for over a decade to encourage a larger Chicago Landmark District that would encompass the Sheridan Park National Register District.

4706 N. Malden Street listing


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