August 2021 Month-in-Review Newsletter


  1. WIN: Pullman National Monument
  2. LOSS: Woman’s Garden in Jackson Park Bulldozed
  3. LOSS: Supreme Court Denies Temporary OPC Construction Halt
  4. THREATENED: Thompson Center Bid Delay
  5. PARTIAL WIN: Thompson Center Ideas Competition
  6. THREATENED: Epworth Church
  7. PETITION: Epworth Church
  8. LOSS: Lake View State Bank Demolished
  9. BUYER WANTED: The Drake Hotel
  10. WIN: Little Village Arch Preliminarily Landmarked
  11. WIN: Louis Sullivan’s Holy Trinity Church Restoration
  12. Chicago Sun-Times Editorial: Looking for Better Judgment at the Chicago Park District
  13. Chicago Tribune Column: Keep Amazon lockers out of Chicago parks
  14. THREATENED: Phyllis Wheatley Home Call for Posters
  15. BUYER WANTED: Krause Music Store
  16. PARTIAL WIN: Stock Yards Bank Stabilization
  17. LIKELY WIN: Montrose Harbor Bridges
  18. THREATENED: Former Wing Hoe Restaurant Building
  19. WIN: “Beer Baron Row” Rapp Mansion
  20. BUYER WANTED: William Le Baron Jenney Designed Home
  21. THREATENED: 3339 N. Ridgeway Avenue
  22. Chicago Tribune: Chicago Flats Initiative is hoping to keep iconic 2- and 4-flats flourishing
  23. LOSS: WGN Flag Building’s Beautiful Terra Cotta Façade
  24. LOSS: Terra Cotta Ornament on New Devon Theater
  25. LOSS: Cornelius Sheehan Home and Coach House from 1877 Demolished
  26. IN MEMORIAM: Richard H. Driehaus; Philanthropist & Preservationist
  27. THREATENED: Early Warning Signs
  28. THREATENED: 90-Day Demolition Delay Watch List
  29. LOSS: Spotlight on Demolition (103 demolitions in August 2021)
  • WATCH: WTTW Chicago: Pullman National Monument Ahead of its Grand Opening
  • PRINT: Crain’s Chicago Business: Pullman National Monument faces a long haul ahead
  • PRINT: Metropolitan Planning Council: Yesterday’s zoning: Next to a park and schools, an asphalt plant?
  • RADIO: WBEZ Chicago Curious City: Chicago Water Cribs
  • PRINT: Crain’s Chicago Business: Amazon conquered Sears. It’s also following in its footsteps
  • RADIO: Lois Wille discusses “Forever Open, Clear and Free” with Studs Terkel
  • Preservation Chicago’s CMD Walking Tour – September 25, 2021
  • Architectural Gems of the South Side Tour with Lee Bey – September 15, 2021
  • Pritzker Military Museum & Library Presents The Life and Legacy of Bill Mauldin Zoom Panel – September 15, 2021
  • Chicago Architecture Biennial presents The Available City at Central Park Theater – September 18, 2021
  • Volunteers Needed for Open House Chicago 2021 – Oct. 16 & 17, 2021
  • “Helmut Jahn: Life + Architecture” at Chicago Architecture Center
  • “Chicago Comics: 1960s to Now” at MCA
  • “Chicago: Where Comics Came to Life (1880-1960)” at Chicago Cultural Center
  • Learning from Lake Shore Drive by Julia Bachrach Series December 2021
  • “Drawn to Combat: Bill Mauldin & The Art of War” at Pritzker Military Museum
  • “Louis Sullivan’s Idea,” a book by Tim Samuelson and Chris Ware
  • “Remembering Edgewater Beach Hotel”, a Book by John Holden & Kathryn Gemperle
  • Pullman Grand Opening Preview (1:15)
  • Vautravers Building Relocation Project: A Documentary Film by the1stMikeC
  • Starship Chicago: Thompson Center: A Film by Nathan Eddy
  • Roseland’s South Michigan Avenue Commercial District: “The Avenue’s” Past, Present and Future
  • Preservation Chicago Virtual Tour of the Arlington Deming Historic District
  • Video Overview of the Preservation Chicago 2021 “Chicago 7 Most Endangered” (3:48)
  • Full Presentation of the Preservation Chicago 2021 “Chicago 7 Most Endangered” (57 Minutes)
  • Chicago 7 Posters and Swag
  • Please Support Preservation Chicago


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