AIA Guide to Chicago, 4th Edition by American Institute of Architects Chicago Edited by Laurie McGovern Petersen

“Chicago’s architecture attracts visitors from around the globe. The fourth edition of the AIA Guide to Chicago is the best portable resource for exploring this most breathtaking and dynamic of cityscapes. The editors offer entries on new destinations like the Riverwalk, the St. Regis Chicago, and The 606, as well as updated descriptions of Willis Tower and other refreshed landmarks. Thirty-four maps and more than 500 photos make it easy to find each of the almost 2,000 featured sites. A special insert, new to this edition, showcases the variety of Chicago architecture with over 80 full-color images. A comprehensive index organizes entries by name and architect.

“Sumptuously detailed and user friendly, the AIA Guide to Chicago encourages travelers and residents alike to explore the many diverse neighborhoods of one of the world’s great architectural cities.” (AIA Guide to Chicago, 4th Edition)

“‘I never stop working on it,’ said Laurie McGovern Petersen, the book’s editor and a freelance writer who has been involved since the first edition in 1993. ‘The minute it’s sort of put to bed, at the printer, no more changes, that’s when I start a new folder for the next edition.’

“Petersen said she’s most proud of the new themes in the book. There are more entries from the neighborhoods and appreciation of female and minority architects. She’s added a 32-page insert of color photography covering styles and subjects such as Art Deco, Modernism and quintessential Chicago housing types. The captions include where to go in the book for more information. Petersen points out distinction in unexpected places. The book “shows things like power stations, field houses and CTA stations that you wouldn’t think would be delightful but are,’ she said. Recent favorites of hers include new libraries that combine that function with affordable housing.

“For this endeavor, Petersen stands on the shoulders of scores of contributors, particularly founding editor Alice Sinkevitch. Entries for the buildings reflect a ‘chorus of voices,’ Petersen said, and the fourth edition benefits from the photography of Eric Allix Rogers, with a cover shot by Tom Rossiter that combines downtown’s splendor with neighborhood rooftops. Contributors include the Sun-Times’ own Lee Bey. Published by University of Illinois Press, the book retails for $42.95, $14.95 as an e-book.” (Roeder, Chicago Sun-Times, 7/18/22)

AIA Guide to Chicago, 4th Edition
By American Institute of Architects Chicago
Edited by Laurie McGovern Petersen.


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