WIN: Union Station Fred Harvey Restaurant Reuse Plan (Chicago 7 2018)

Proposed food hall entrance from the Great Hall at Union Station. Rendering Credit: Amtrak/Goettsch Partners
Proposed Union Station food hall interior. Rendering Credit: Amtrak/Goettsch Partners
Fred Harvey Restaurant at Chicago Union Station. Photo Credit: Amtrak

“Amtrak’s ongoing redevelopment of Chicago’s Union Station is turning its attention toward building a new food hall and western entrance along Clinton Street. The proposed dining and retail complex would occupy a cavernous fire-damaged space which has sat vacant for nearly four decades.

As part of a city search to seek out potential restaurant operators, Amtrak released a batch of updated renderings showing the multi-level space. It will occupy the former Fred Harvey restaurant—a nationwide chain that catered specifically to rail travelers. The plan calls for a new exterior canopy as well as the reinstallation of windows removed following a 1980 fire.” (Koziarz, 8/7/19)

Preservation Chicago has long advocated for restoring the former Fred Harvey restaurant space, a first-class dining room and restaurant, located adjacent to the Great Hall/Waiting Room. Other former Fred Harvey restaurant spaces have recently been fully restored in Kansas City and Los Angeles train stations. The restoration of this part of the station with a high quality restaurant will further reinvigorate and reactivate Union Station.

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Amtrak moving forward with Union Station food hall, new Clinton Street entrance, The new dining and retail complex would open next year, Jay Koziarz, Curbed Chicago, 8/7/19 

Union Station to build new food hall in long-vacant space destroyed by fire, Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz, Chicago Tribune, 8/7/19

Amtrak hungers for an upscale food hall at Union Station; The project would restore long-vacant space and improve the Clinton Street frontage, David Roeder, Chicago Sun-Times, 8/6/19


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