WIN: Second Presbyterian Church Receives $250,000 Adopt-a-Landmark Grant for Interior Restoration

The Commission on Chicago Landmarks has approved Adopt-A-Landmark funding for Second Presbyterian Church. Located at 1936 S. Michigan, the church is designed as a Gothic Revival church that has an arts and crafts interior. The rear portion of the church has two rooms that are open to the public for meetings and events which are the subject of the funding request.

Undergoing a wide range of renovations totaling $900,000, this application focuses more narrowly on the interior restoration of the Fellowship Hall and North Parlor. The approved funding will provide $250,000 to offset a $508,000 budget for the renovation of the two.

With landmarks approval, the project can proceed ahead and acquire permits for the project. A timeline for the renovations was not discussed, but the church will need to return to the commission to present the final result.

Read more with photos at Urbanize Chicago

Second Presbyterian Church gets renovation funding, Adopt-A-Landmark funding will support an interior restoration, Lukas Kugler, Urbanize Chicago, 7/18/22

Friends of Historic Second Church Website


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