WIN: Rep. Kelly Confirms $550k in Federal Funding for Mission-Critical Promontory Point Engineering Study (Chicago 7 2022)

Promontory Point, 1937, Alfred Caldwell, Chicago Lakefront between 54th and 56th Streets. Photo Credit: ABC 7 Chicago
First Annual Point Day Celebrations on May 28, 2022. Promontory Point, 1937, Alfred Caldwell, Chicago Lakefront between 54th and 56th Streets. Image Credit: Save Promontory Point (Again) Twitter

“Ruth Knack’s memories of Promontory Point begin in the early 1940s.

“In March, the Point was named to Preservation Chicago’s ‘most endangered’ list. The group also said the city and Chicago Park District planned to replace the limestone with concrete, which conservationists vehemently oppose.

“Knack was among the interested residents on hand Thursday, as the Promontory Point Conservancy announced U.S. Rep. Robin Kelly, D-Ill., had earmarked $550,000 in federal funding to authorize a “much delayed and much needed” third-party engineering study of the limestone at the Point.

“‘For 22 years, the community has been fighting to protect and preserve the historic limestone revetment and its enjoyment of Promontory Point,’ said Jack Spicer of The Conservancy. ‘Our local elected representatives listened and have answered our call.’

“Now, with Kelly’s help, the money could be on the way. The city and park district have said they will support Kelly’s latest request, leaving activists hopeful the argument over limestone v. concrete finally can be resolved.

“‘This is miraculously good news,” Spicer said.

“The funding would be disbursed to the park district in March 2023. The U.S. Army Corps then would select an independent marine engineer to conduct the study of the revetment’s preservation.

“‘Chicago is a gem on the Great Lakes,’ said Debra Hammond of The Conservancy. ‘This moment opens the potential for the city, the Chicago Park District and the community to make something harmoniously, beautifully world class at Promontory Point.'” (Daniels, Chicago Sun-Times, 5/21/22)

“The Promontory Point Conservancy hosted the first annual Point Day this Saturday, an event celebrating the ‘past, present and future’ of the historic park, now in its 85th year. The mission of the conservancy is to ‘protect and preserve Promontory Point Park,’ primarily focusing on its historic limestone revetment.

“Beginning with a 9 a.m. water show by Swimmers at the Point o May 28, 2022, the event featured all-day activities for adults and families, such as lawn games, music and theater performances, pet blessings and educational walking tours of the Limestone steps.” (Monaghan, Hyde Park Herald, 5/31/22)

Read the full story at the Chicago Sun-Times

Conservationists hopeful historic limestone wall at Promontory Point will be preserved

The Promontory Point Conservancy announced last week that U.S. Rep. Robin Kelly earmarked $550,000 of federal funding to authorize a third-party engineering study of the Point’s limestone revetment, Cheyanne M. Daniels, Chicago Sun-Times, 5/21/22

Link to full Promontory Point Conservancy Press statement, May 26, 2022

Promontory Point Lovers Celebrate Rep. Kelly’s Request To Fund Long-Delayed Study Into Saving Park’s Limestone; With earmarks returning to Congress this year, Rep. Robin Kelly has requested $550,000 for an independent study into preserving Promontory Point, Maxwell Evans, Block Club Chicago, 5/27/22

Hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal funding requested for long-awaited Promontory Point preservation study, Shanzeh Ahmad, Chicago Tribune, 6/3/22

Celebrating 85 years of Promontory Point, Marc C. Monaghan, Hyde Park Herald, 5/31/22

Promontory Point Day, festival celebrating park’s 85th year, begins Saturday, Hyde Park Herald, 5/26/22

Community, environmentalists declare “Point Day” to save Promontory Point Park revetment, ABC 7 Chicago, 5/26/22

Fight to save Promontory Point reinvigorated after demolition and construction proposed, Adrianna Nehme, U-High Midway, 4/6/22

More information at Promontory Point Conservancy


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