WIN: Patio Theater Restoration Plan Advances

“For more than a decade, Portage Park residents walked by the Patio Theater hoping to see it thrive again. It closed and reopened several times under different owners, and turning trucks damaged the historic theater’s marquee.

“But a new owner is in the process of buying and fixing up the theater at 6008 W. Irving Park Rd., and hopes to make it the shining star of the neighborhood once again.

“It’s a travesty tearing theaters like these down,” said entrepreneur and concert promoter Chris Bauman. “I do shows all over the country and I’ve been to hundreds of theaters. And I’ll tell you these types of theaters will never be built again.” (Hernandez, Blco Club Chicago)

Preservation Chicago has advocated for the protection and restoration of the Patio Theater. We strongly support the redevelopment and encourage the developer to seek a Chicago Landmark Designation so that Adopt-a-Landmark funds could be used to help cover some of the costs for exterior restoration.

Read the full story at Block Club Chicago

Can The Patio Theater Finally Return To Its Former Glory? New Owner Aims To Bring Historic Theater Back To Life; Soon-to-be owner Chris Bauman wants to not only fix up the theater but bring in entertainment that can pay the bills. “It’s a travesty tearing theaters like these down.” Alex V. Hernandez, Block Club Chicago, 9/1/19

Damaged Marquee At Patio Theater Has Some Worried, But Soon-To-Be New Owner Has Big Plans, Lauren Victory, CBS 2 Chicago, 8/20/19


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