WIN: Landmarks Commission Recommends Landmark Designation for The Monastery of the Holy Cross!

Chicago DPD Tweet from 8/5/21 “Landmarks Commission recommends to City Council a landmark designation for the Monastery of the Holy Cross, the Gothic Revival church at 3111 S. Aberdeen in #Bridgeport. Designed by Herman J. Gaul and completed in 1909, the church’s designation will include the adjoining rectory.” Image Credit: Chicago DPD
Friar Peter Funk and the Monks testifying via zoom in support of the Chicago Landmark Designation of the Monastery of the Holy Cross. Monastery of the Holy Cross/former Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, 1909, Herman J. Gaul, 3111 S. Aberdeen. Photo Credit: Ward Miller / Preservation Chicago

“The Monastery of the Holy Cross is a significant early work of architect Hermann J. Gaul, a renowned ecclesial architect of the early 20th century. Recognized for its complex high-vaulted ceiling, the church was built in 1908-09 for the German-speaking “national parish” of the Immaculate Conception. The church is an example of the German Gothic Revival style incorporating high-Gothic design elements such as high gabled triple-arch entrance, expressive gargoyles and a 14 Gothic-arched, highly decorated Stations of the Cross.

“Additionally, the church has magnificent acoustic qualities. The parish was closed in 1990, and the Benedictine monastic community was invited to make the building into a unique urban monastery the following year. While some of the original furnishings were lost after the closure, the monks have added religious treasures, including altarpiece icons produced in the traditional Byzantine egg tempera method by internationally renowned iconographer Vladislav Andrejev.” (Open House Chicago)

Preservation Chicago has been working for over five years with stakeholders to ensure the protections of Chicago Landmark Designation for the Monastery of the Holy Cross/former Immaculate Conception Catholic Church. Preservation Chicago staff, board members, and volunteers researched and prepared an outstanding draft landmark designation report research that the DPD-Historic Preservation Division staff was able to finalize.

Huge thanks to Friar Peter Funk for his strong support and all of the Monks who supported and attended the hearings. Special thanks to Max Chavez, Joanne Yasus, and Carl Klein for their time, dedication and outstanding work. Thanks also 11th Ward Ald. Patrick Thompson for his support. This Landmark Designation recommendation is a wonderful outcome.

Monastery of the Holy Cross Chicago Landmark Designation Report


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