WIN: Glessner House Receives Adopt-A-Landmark Funds

“Preservation Chicago strongly supports the use of City’s Adopt-A-Landmark funds for both roof and exterior repairs to Chicago’s John J. Glessner House and Museum, located at 1800 S. Prairie Avenue, Chicago.

“The Glessner House, is one of three projects by noted architect, Henry Hobson Richardson, constructed in Chicago, and the last remaining of these buildings. The others, the Marshall Field Wholesale Warehouse and the Franklin McVeigh House, were both unfortunately destroyed.

“Richardson’s architecture and influence on America’s built environment is well recognized and documented in many publications around the world. The Glessner House is truly a work of art in every respect, from its exterior walls to its richly appointed interiors and furnishings, most of which are authentic to the Glessner’s occupancy of the house from 1887 to 1936.

“Glessner House is an extraordinary asset to Chicago and its built environment, its Landmark buildings, its history and cultural arts, and all furthered with the museum’s programming. The house and museum stand among “the very best of the best” of Chicago’s institutions and house museums.

“It was from efforts to save this structure from an uncertain future—perhaps demolition, that ‘The Chicago School of Architecture Foundation’ was also established, now known as ‘The Chicago Architecture Center,’ with its many tours and educational outreach. The Chicago Architecture Center is credited with helping to promote Chicago’s architectural legacy with tours extending throughout the city and region.

“Noting Glessner House as an exemplary institution in so many respects, we encourage the Commission on Chicago Landmarks to approve the Adopt-A-Landmark funds for repairs to this remarkable Chicago Landmark building.”

Link to full Preservation Chicago Landmark Testimony presented by Ward Miller on 2/3/22

Glessner House Website


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