WIN: Congresswoman Robin Kelly Supports a “True Preservation Approach” for Promontory Point in Letter to US Army Corps

Original limestone revetments at Promontory Point, 1938, Alfred Caldwell. Photo Credit: Eric Allix Rogers
Promontory Point Field House, 1938, Emanuel V. Buchsbaum. Photo Credit: Eric Allix Rogers

“Rep. Robin Kelly (2nd) wrote in an October letter to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that she supports a ‘true preservation approach’ for repairing the limestone revetment at Promontory Point.

“‘The Point’s 2018 listing on the National Register of Historic Places mandates this approach and protects it as the only remaining stretch of the (Works Progress Administration) historic limestone revetment that once extended (along) the entire Chicago lakefront,’ wrote Kelly in an Oct. 25 letter to Colonel Paul Culberson, Commander and District Engineer, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Chicago District.

“Repair work on Promontory Point will come after the initiation and completion of a preliminary study, the Chicago Shoreline General Reevaluation Report (GRR) by the Army Corps. President Joe Biden’s 2022 budget, which includes $500,000 for the GRR, is still in front of Congress. The Army Corps is the lead agency on the project.

“As reported in the Herald, Kelly also hopes that Promontory Point and DuSable Lake Shore Drive will benefit from President Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ $2 trillion social policy package.

“‘I am aware that the City of Chicago and Chicago Park District have been advocating in advance for demolition and new construction,’ continued Kelly in her letter. ‘However, that approach has been rejected before and has no factual, legal or community support — while preservation will allow for rehabilitation of the historic revetment at comparable cost and maximum public benefit.’

“Kelly added that ‘there’s no emergency to support a demolition solution …. Although there was erosion and high water levels at nearby Morgan Shoal, South Shore and other places on the South Side lakefront, there is no such imminent danger at Promontory Point.’

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Rep. Kelly calls for ‘true preservation approach’ to Promontory Point in Army Corps letter, Marc Monaghan, Hyde Park Herald, 12/10/21

Full letter of support for Promontory Point from Re. Robin Kelly to U.S. Army Corps of Engineering

Rush, Kelly vote to pass $2 trillion social policy and climate package; Stress local benefits in ‘Build Back Better’; bill will go to Senate, Aaron Gettinger, Hyde Park Herald, 11/19/21

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Promontory Point Conservancy Website

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