WIN: Austin’s Pink House Saved But Some Character Lost in Gut Renovation

“The iconic pink house in Austin is being renovated — and the color it became famous for is now gone.

“The Victorian at 556 N. Central Ave. was listed for sale in 2019. Previous owner Yolanda Anderson sold it for $120,000 to Debra Kelch and her family in early 2021. The house dates back to the late 1800s and was seen as a local landmark in the neighborhood for decades.

“Rumors swirled last year the home would be torn down but Kelch told Block Club at the time her family planned to restore it and put it back on the market.

“Renovations began last year, starting with a complete overhaul of the interior with construction for an open floor plan, new roof, new siding and new windows. Kelch previously told Block Club the home would be painted sage green to match the new garage during the restoration.

“‘Everything will be brand new, inside and out,’ Kelch previously said. ‘The house will be beautiful when it’s all done.’

“Longtime Austin resident Kenny Sutton lamented the loss of color as an attraction to the community.

“‘I’m glad they at least kept the same rooftop intact,’ Sutton said. ‘It was historic because of it being pink and how big it was. Everyone would look on the bus driving next to the big, bright pink house.'” (Arline and Boyle, Block Club Chicago, 3/20/23)


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