WIN: 1954 W. North Ave. Restoration Complete, Including Reconstructed Corner Turret and Cornice

1958 W. North Avenue prior to restoration. Photo credit: Google Maps

“Chase Bank is consolidating two of its Wicker Park branches into one new location at the Damen/North/Milwaukee intersection in the heart of the neighborhood.

“The new Chase branch, 1954 W. North Ave., is taking over the one-time home of Wicker Park Tavern, known as just Tavern. The building Chase will now occupy has undergone extensive renovations over the past year, including the addition of a large turret on its southwest corner.

“Chase Market Director Claudia Guzman said the new branch is in an ideal location for greater foot traffic and brand visibility — plus, the company was attracted to the building’s architecture.

“‘We’re in great areas right now, but they’re definitely older branches. So when we saw the opportunity to move into this location, we took advantage of it, Guzman said.

“‘A big focus of Chase is that the new locations that we’re building are not the typical branches that you used to seeing, that your mom and dad are maybe used to going into. We’re really looking to blend into the neighborhoods that we’re in.’

“Additional building renovations, like the reconstructed exterior turret, are being overseen by the building’s landlord, Guzman said. The original turret was removed from the building in the 1960s, according to Chicago YIMBY.

“In January, Walgreens closed its flagship Wicker Park store in the former Noel State Bank building, 1601 N. Milwaukee Ave. The building remains boarded up and empty.

“Bank of America also previously operated a branch across the street in the Flat Iron building, which has had trouble landing ground-floor commercial tenants.” (Myers, Block Club Chicago, 8/14/23)

Read the full story at Block Club Chicago

Chase Bank Opening Branch In Heart Of Wicker Park This Month; The bank is taking over the former Tavern site, which closed in 2017. The opening comes as the Milwaukee/Damen/North intersection has struggled with retail vacancies in recent years, Quinn Myers, Block Club Chicago, 8/14/23

Construction Continues On 1954 W North Avenue In Wicker Park, Ian Achong, Chicago YIMBY, 5/5/23


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