UPDATE: Alderman Sigcho-Lopez sponsors community meetings to open dialogue on Pilsen Historic District

While the proposal for a Pilsen Chicago Landmark District works its way through the City of Chicago approval process, new 25th Ward Alderman Byron Sigcho-Lopez is convening an open community dialogue to learn more about what the District could mean to the diverse residents of Pilsen and respond to questions and concerns from the community.

The community meeting is scheduled from 6 to 8 p.m. on Thursday, July 11, 2019, at 1661 S. Blue Island Avenue. Representatives from Preservation Chicago, Landmarks Illinois, Arquitectos and the Department of Planning and Development-Historic Preservation Division will be participating in the conversation.

Residents are concerned about what a Chicago Landmark District will mean to their ability to make improvements to their property. While some residents worry the District will escalate gentrification in the neighborhood, others worry it will restrict their ability to maximize a return on their home or small business investment.

The process for this particular proposed Chicago Landmark District moved along at an accelerated pace due to several demolition permit applications for buildings in the proposed District, it became evident that the current Landmark District incentives are not as meaningful to lower- and moderate-income homeowners. There are also no protections within the Landmark Ordinance protecting affordable housing, which is a big issue for residents of Pilsen.

With 850 contributing buildings and public murals included, this is poised to be the largest Landmark District in Chicago. The boundaries are all within the 2005 National Register District, running along 18th Street.

Additional Reading
Click on this link to download the full Preliminary Summary of Information about the District

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City of Chicago Pilsen and Little Village Preservation Strategy, Updated May 2, 2019


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