TimeOut Chicago: 18 Businesses Chicagoans Want to Bring Back from the Dead

Dinkel’s Bakery storefront at 3329 North Lincoln Avenue, 1946, Harold A. Stahl. Historic photo credit: The Newberry

“Here today, gone tomorrow. That’s the unfortunate reality every business and its customers face. Although there are plenty of newcomers to be excited about, many local favorites have shuttered over the years, several in part due to the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. We asked on Facebook, X and Threads which iconic Chicago spots readers would like to see revived and received a wide range of replies that included everything from the city’s best restaurants and bakeries to bars and nightclubs. The following were some of the most popular answers—so as painful as it may be, take a trip down memory lane and pay tribute by scrolling through our list of businesses Chicagoans want to bring back from the dead.

“1. Marshall Field’s

“Chicago’s iconic department chain is gone but certainly not forgotten by countless Chicagoans. Founded in 1852 as a dry goods store, Marshall Field’s was a local institution. Its flagship location on State Street, housed inside a landmark building, spanned 13 floors and an entire city block. It was also where the company’s signature Frango mints were produced. In 2005, New York-based Macy’s purchased Marshall Field’s and rebranded it the following year. The famous green corner clocks are still on display, though, serving as a symbol of what once was.

2. Hot Doug’s
3. Kiddieland
4. Neo
5. Lost Lake
6. Sabatino’s
7. Uncle Fun
8. Zephyr
9. Cafe Iberico
10. The Parthenon
11. Swedish Bakery
12. Ronny’s Original Chicago Steak House
13. The Signature Room
14. Dinkel’s Bakery
15. Danny’s Tavern
16. Southport Lanes
17. Glenn’s Dinerr
18. Dominick’s” (Mai, TimeOut Chicago, 10/20/23)

Read the full story at TimeOut Chicago

18 businesses Chicagoans want to bring back from the dead; Marshall Field’s and Hot Doug’s will live on forever in our hearts, Jeffy Mai, TimeOut Chicago, 10/20/23


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