THREATENED: Openlands Letter Writing Campaign to Protect the South Shore Nature Sanctuary, and to Prioritize the Restoration of Jackson Park and South Shore Golf Courses

“In 2017 the Chicago Park District proposed a plan to redevelop the Jackson Park 18-hole golf course and the South Shore 9-hole course, combining them into a single 18-hole course. The new design was presented by Tiger Woods and his company TGR Designs.

“The proposal calls for the destruction of the existing holes at South Shore and a majority of the holes at Jackson Park, in addition to removing roadways that connect the neighborhood to South Lake Shore Drive. While Openlands agrees that these historical golf courses deserve a restoration to make them more enjoyable to play, we OPPOSE any plan that would destroy the South Shore Nature Sanctuary, take down thousands of trees unnecessarily, not provide diverse golfing opportunities, and increase the cost to play beyond reach.

“A true restoration of Jackson Park and South Shore Courses would create equitable and enjoyable opportunities for all residents and visitors to enjoy playing the two courses while protecting important habitat for wildlife, migratory birds, and humans alike.

“We need your help to make sure that a true restoration of the Jackson Park and South Shore Golf Courses that also protects the South Shore Nature Sanctuary is prioritized over the proposed TGR Golf Course. Please use this form to contact your Alderperson and Mayor Lightfoot to request their action on this issue.”

Letter writing form at Openlands website


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