THREATENED: New Construction to Replace Former Holy Angels School at 545 E. Oakwood

“The Zoning Board of Appeals has approved a series of variations for the residential development planned at 545 E. Oakwood. With Eagle OZB II LP serving as the developer, the project site is located at the southeast corner of E. Oakwood Blvd and S. Vincennes Ave. Currently occupied by the former Holy Angels School, that building has been abandoned for over 7 years due to lead dust contamination and has deteriorated to an extent that necessitates demolition.

“Designed by Hanna Architects, the new construction would consist of a four-story residential building. With 48 units inside, the 32 one-beds and 16 two-beds would be spread across the basement and four upper floors. Located behind the building will be eight car parking spaces and 48 bike parking spaces for the building.

“With approval from the Zoning Board of Appeals, the development can move forward with permitting and construction. A permit for the new construction has been filed and is awaiting issuance.” (Kugler, Urbanize Chicago, 4/10/24)

Preservation Chicago is disappointed by this outcome. Former Holy Angels School at 545 E. Oakwood would be an ideal candidate for adaptive reuse for residences. It is disappointing that buildings like this are allowed to sit vacant and idle for many years, instead of being repurposed.

Read the full story at Urbanize Chicago

ZBA approves variations for 545 E. Oakwood, The residential development would have 48 apartments, Lukas Kugler, Urbanize Chicago, 4/10/24


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