THREATENED: After Downzoning, East Andersonville Faces First Developer Poised To Test The Measure

“Over the past few years East Andersonville residents have worked to tighten building restrictions in order to avoid more demolitions of area homes to make way for luxury condominium complexes. But just as they thought downzoning was the answer to save its historic homes, one developer has become the first to test the limits of the measure.

“The historic graystone at 1436 W. Berwyn was the tipping point for the East Andersonville community who have seen the neighborhood become ultra-desirable to both buyers and developers. Residents worked to downzone the area to prevent its 190 two-flats and 18 single family homes located there from the demolition ball.

“Bordered by Foster, Bryn Mawr, Clark and Glenwood, East Andersonville was zoned RT-4 which made homes vulnerable to developers with plans to tear them down. An organized campaign to restrict developments through RS-3 rezoning was successful and gained Alderman Harry Osterman’s support, a crucial factor that laid the groundwork for the process.

“One developer who recently purchased a home at 1443 W. Summerdale, is now testing the boundaries of the RS-3 zoning with a new property. After an initial request six months ago to upzone the building to allow for construction of a third story was denied, he recently went to the zoning administrator to request three variances which were also declined.” (Edgeville Buzz, 5/28/20)

Read the full story at Edgeville Buzz

After Downzoning, East Andersonville Faces First Developer Poised To Test The Measure, Edgeville Buzz, 5/28/20


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