THREATENED: 3339 N. Ridgeway Avenue at Risk of Demolition and Replacement with Luxury Condos

“An Avondale property owner is looking to bring more condos to the neighborhood, but some neighbors are trying to stop the project.

“Daniel Chelariu wants to tear down the brick three-flat he owns at 3339 N. Ridgeway Ave. and build a six-unit condo building in its place. The four-story building would have six parking spaces in back, according to the community meeting notice. Of the six apartments, four would be three-bedroom duplexes and two would be two-bedroom units. Chelariu needs a zoning change from Ald. Ariel Reboyras (30th) to go forward.

“Chelariu’s project is the latest small development in gentrifying Avondale to face pushback from neighbors. After a recent community meeting, neighbors said they’re worried the Ridgeway Avenue condo building will create a ‘domino effect’ and accelerate gentrification. Some are gathering signatures for a petition and delivering letters to Reboyras, urging the alderman to reject the zoning change.

“‘We’re not seeing any new commerce come to our neighborhood,’ neighbor Warren Williams said. ‘There’s still that whole strip of Milwaukee [Avenue] that’s empty storefronts. But what we are seeing is million-dollar developments, and that changes who can afford to live here. This is a working-class neighborhood. Kids live here, and that seems to be changing very quickly, and it doesn’t have to.’

“Marc Fischer and his wife have lived next to the property for nine years. Fischer said he’s opposed to the project for many reasons, a major one being the proposed building’s modern architecture and lack of green space are incompatible with the block, which is lined with vintage flats. He said many neighbors’ basements have flooded, and he’s worried heavy construction could exacerbate the problem.

“Like Williams, Fischer said he’s concerned the condos will lead to the displacement of longtime residents, including the two people who live in the apartment building. The two have lived there for 20 years, Fischer said.

“‘We know there’s a huge demand for affordable housing in our area and nearby in Logan Square. Unless [the developer] is forced to do so, none of the units in this new building will be affordable. We don’t want to see our neighbors pushed out,’ Fischer said.

“Toops echoed the concerns of Fischer and Williams. She said the project represents a trend of “developers buying double-sized lots and building larger-scale condo buildings that are not contextual to the block they reside in.”

“The Ridgeway Avenue condo project is among a string of small development proposals that have caused a stir in Avondale over the past couple of years. Neighbors opposed a condo project at 3840 W. Cornelia Ave. and an eight-unit apartment building at 3059-61 N. Washtenaw Ave.

“Reboyras last February rejected a developer’s plan to tear down a 105-year-old home at 3917-21 W. Eddy St. and replace it with condos after neighbors put up a fight. (Bloom, Block Club Chicago, 8/19/21)

Read the full story at Block Club Chicago

Avondale Neighbors Question Another Area Condo Project: ‘We Don’t Want To See Our Neighbors Pushed Out’; A property owner wants to tear down the brick three-flat he owns and build a six-unit condo building in its place, Mina Bloom, Block Club Chicago, 8/19/21


  1. I spoke with the Alderman’s office this morning and they confirmed that the owner/developer’s re-zoning request was declined because too many people from the community were opposed.


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