The Emergence, Demolition, and Preservation of Italianate Cottages and Flats By John Morris, Chicago Patterns

As Northwest Side neighborhoods along the Blue Line experience glowing hot growth in real estate values, original homes and flats are getting erased in favor of expensive new construction. While this trend has long been an issue in older neighborhoods near the lake or the Loop, this rapid expansion of teardown construction in these neighborhoods is a more recent phenomenon.

In years past, as successive waves of people moved into these neighborhoods, existing housing stock was a source of pride and buildings were rehabbed and improved. The change in neighborhood demographics this time is different as wealthy newcomers often opt for large single-family homes often built after tearing down an existing home.

The loss of housing stock in these areas is particularly painful as the homes getting destroyed are well over a hundred years old, many of which were erected in the aftermath of the Great Fire.

While homes and businesses constructed in this era are still prevalent in many parts of the city, we will focus on the Northwest Side neighborhoods closest to downtown, where they are most at risk….

Link to full text and photographs


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