RADIO: “Southern Exposure” Highlights Chicago’s South Side Architectural Treasures

“Chicago’s South Side is often depicted as a blighted part of the city, but a new book hopes to change that narrative by showcasing 60 buildings and sites that prove its architectural greatness.

“Reset checks in with the author of Southern Exposure: The Overlooked Architecture of Chicago’s South Side about some of his favorite architectural gems south of Chicago’s Loop.”

With guest, Lee Bey, author, photographer and former architecture critic at the Chicago Sun-Times” (Martin/White, 10/21/19)

Read the full story at WBEZ Chicago 91.5

New Book Highlights Chicago’s South Side Architectural Treasures, Bianca Martin and Jennifer White, Reset, WBEZ Chicago 91.5, 10/21/19

Lee Bey on Chicago’s South Side, Historic Preservation, and Race, CommonEdge, Martin C. Pedersen, 10/22/19


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