Pritzker Military Museum Presents “Drawn to Combat: Bill Mauldin & The Art of War.” Now Open Until Spring 2022

“The virtual exhibit tour, hosted by WTTW’s Geoffrey Baer, offers a fascinating look at 100+ works and documents that cover Bill Mauldin’s life and work for the Chicago Sun Times. Mauldin, an award-winning cartoonist documented and satirized military and political affairs, often featuring important figures like Robert F. Kennedy, Mayor Daley, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., several U.S. presidents and his famous military characters, Willie and Joe.

“Get a fresh, virtual take on our latest exhibit without leaving the comfort of your home!

“Welcome to the Pritzker Military Museum & Library’s newest exhibition, Drawn to Combat: Bill Mauldin & The Art of War, a retrospective of the provocative work by two-time Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist Bill Mauldin about our nation’s time of war, civil rights, and social justice.

“Explore Mauldin’s largest collection featuring 150 framed drawings and published cartoons, as well as personal material from his exceptional career including his Pulitzer Prize awards, fan letters, and Purple Heart medal. #WhoIsBillMauldin

Pritzker Military Museum & Library presents ‘Drawn to Combat Virtual’ Tour

“Learn more and purchase your exhibit tickets ahead of time here:

The art of war and more from Bill Mauldin; The Pritzker Museum highlights the late cartoonist’s 50-year fight with injustice, Deanna Isaacs, Chicago Reader, 5/26/21

WATCH Trailer for “Drawn to Combat: Bill Mauldin & the Art of War”


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