PRINT: Will ‘The Ave’ In Roseland Really Rise Again With City Hall Plan? (Chicago 7 2020)

“South Michigan Avenue sits on a natural ridge that Native Americans used as trail. Dutch farmers who settled on the vast prairie once known as Hope, Illinois called it ‘High Road.’

“When steel mills pumped soot into the sky and money into pockets, working class families packed street cars and sidewalks on a stretch of that same path. Everything you needed, you could get on the stretch of Michigan Avenue — between 111th and 115th streets — that locals called ‘The Ave.’

“In 1950s, Gately’s People Store at Michigan and 112th Street was the hottest street car stop. Gately’s was the place where you could buy a lawnmower and a Sunday dress, shop for groceries and get yourself a cheeseburger for lunch all under one roof.

“Shoppers could pick up a few things at Woolworth’s and S.S. Krege Corporation, the five-and-dime chain that later became Kmart. You could stock up on fresh Italian sausage from Dal Santo’s, pick up the latest Rolling Stones single at the RCA record shop and even try your luck at finishing the “Tummy Buster” sundae at Snack Time Coffee Shop.” (Konkol, 3/9/20)

Read the full story at the Patch

Will ‘The Ave’ In Roseland Really Rise Again With City Hall Plan? City Hall push to revive Roseland commercial district needs a purpose that attracts people back to “The Ave” again, Mark Konkol, Patch, 3/9/20


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