PRINT: Serhii Chrucky Shoots the James R. Thompson Center for Preservation Chicago

“This structure, the James R. Thompson Center, isn’t even 40 years old. Yet some of Chicago’s elected officials want what was formerly known as the State of Illinois Building to be sold because they believe repairing it will cost too much. To assist Preservation Chicago’s effort to save the Thompson Center, Serhii Chrucky culled some phenomenal interior and exterior photos of the edifice.

“Everyone who I spoke with at Preservation Chicago was impressed with the images. I attended the press conference where they announced the seven most endangered, and it was standing room only. The announcement also received significant press coverage.

“The ‘seven most endangered’ Serhii alludes to are the historic buildings that PC believes are at risk of being torn down. The non-profit hopes its annually-published lists — and the substantial publicity they generate — will save structures like the Thompson Center, which undoubtedly give one of the world’s great cities its uber-metropolitan feel.

“The first time I saw the Thompson Center was over twenty years ago, when I was a freshman in high school. I went to school 2.5 miles west of downtown, so my friends and I would frequently take the train in and explore.

“The atrium is obviously awe-inspiring, but my first impressions of it were as this bustling hive of activity — like a futuristic Grand Central Station. (Raghupathi, 4/22/20)

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Serhii Chrucky Shoots the James R. Thompson Center for Preservation Chicago, Varun Raghupathi, Wonderful Machine, 4/22/2020

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