PRINT: Documenting the Past: A look at some of Chicago’s disappearing buildings in South Side Weekly

Ashland Sixty-Third State Bank, Karl Vitzthum in 1924. 1536 W. 63rd Street, Issued an emergency demolition order by the City of Chicago Departments of Buildings on November 15, 2017. Eric Allix Rogers

“It’s fun to shoot old Chicago. I like documenting and seeing the hidden history. So much will be forgotten if we do not photograph the past. When a school, a church, or any building is abandoned, it usually winds up being demolished—by taking pictures we’ll help preserve its history.

“I was sad to see the building looking this way because so much of the main shopping district in Roseland is abandoned and disappearing. This neighborhood had so many department stores, restaurants, and other lively places. I bet there used to be many old theaters and bars here. When Gatelys caught on fire, I knew that a link to the past was going to be demolished. I had gone into some parts of the old department store back around 2012, when the parking garage and back area was demolished. I found so many cool items inside: old Gatelys receipts, catalogs, and shopping bags. That Gatelys sign is now gone, no longer a reminder of the good old days.”: (Gonzalez, 4/28/20)

Read the full story with photos at South Side Weekly

Documenting the Past; A look at some of Chicago’s disappearing buildings, Martin Gonzalez, South Side Weekly, 4/28/20

Link to more photos of 63rd and Ashland Bank by Nitram242 on flickr


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