POTENTIAL WIN: City Requests Proposals for Pershing Road Central Manufacturing District Warehouses With Adaptive Reuse Focus (Chicago 7 2020)

“The City of Chicago is once again pushing for redevelopment of its underused and dilapidated Central Manufacturing District properties, including the historic Quartermaster Depot warehouse at 1769 W. Pershing Road, Chicago, and the neighboring vehicle storage lot and shed building at 1717 W. Pershing Road.
“A tour of the properties on September 15, 2022, had Chicago Department of Planning & Development Lead Planner Nolan Zaroff showcasing development opportunities to attending architects, planners and developers.
“The tour follows the July 18, 2022, release of the City of Chicago’s Pershing Road RFP (or Request For Proposal) detailing the site, development requirements and necessary developer qualifications.
“This push is the latest in a series of city attempts to inspire development here, including a larger package of city-owned Central Manufacturing District properties failing at the finals of the C40 international urban design competition.
“So what’s different now? ‘This time, we’re splitting it up,’ Zaroff said.
“Earlier development proposal requests included all three sibling warehouses fronting Pershing Road — 1769 W. Pershing Road, 1819 W. Pershing Road and 1869 W. Pershing Road — each with about 500,000 square feet of floor space.
“‘We tried to market all the buildings as one,’ Zaroff said. ‘1.5 million [square feet] is a lot.’
“Now, both 1819 and 1869 W. Pershing Road are undergoing multimillion dollar redevelopments for continued municipal use while the two properties to the east hopefully get developed.
“‘There’s lots more interest in the properties this time,’ Zaroff said.
“The RFP details options for developers, including mandates that the 1717 W. Pershing Road property not be split off into a standalone development, and requirements to maintain the historic character of the Central Manufacturing District warehouse.
“‘We will not entertain proposals for demolition [of the warehouse],’ Zaroff said.’There is an expectation to maintain the facade.’
“The properties are currently zoned for commercial and manufacturing use, however, development proposals could include changes in land use, Zaroff said. ‘We’re open to creative and adaptive use.’
“Jason Roberts, director of Logistics and Supply for the City of Chicago, also accompanied the tour and detailed how the warehouse is on the National Register of Historic Places, but has not received landmark designation by the city.” (Kerr, McKinley Park News, 9/16/22)
Proposals are due October 21, 2022.


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