PETITION: Let’s Landmark Bowen High School in South Chicago!

“We urge the Chicago Public School Board, 7th Ward Ald. Greg Mitchell, and the Commission on Chicago Landmarks to advance a Landmark nomination for Bowen High School, located at 2710 E. 89th Street. Landmarking will preserve and protect this architectural treasure for future generations of Chicagoans.

“James H. Bowen High School is a Chicago public school which opened in 1910. It was designed by famed architect Dwight H. Perkins, and is a prime example of the Chicago School and Prairie style of design. Bowen High School has a twin sister school – Carl Schurz High School on the North Side of Chicago – that was designed and built by Perkins the same year. Schurz High School was Landmarked in 1978. It is past time for Bowen High School to receive the same Chicago Landmark designation.

“Equity in Landmarking – what’s Landmarked on the North Side should be Landmarked on the South Side as well. It is overdue for this remarkable architectural asset in South Chicago to get the same recognition as its twin building on the North Side.”

Preservation Chicago has been working closely with Marc Edelstein and the Bowen High School Alumni Association to help protect and landmark Bowen High School.

Petition to “Landmark Bowen High School in South Chicago!”


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