November 2021 Month-in-Review Newsletter

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Table of Contents

  1. WIN: Call for Nominations for 2022 Chicago 7 Most Endangered
  2. WIN: Seth Warner House Receives Preliminary Landmark Approval!
  3. WIN: City of Chicago Awards $4.3 Million Adopt-a-Landmark Funds
  4. POTENTIAL WIN: Lakeside Center Bid Emerges as Front-Runner
  5. WIN: Emergency Stabilization Work Proceeds at Laramie State Bank
  6. WIN: Pioneer Bank Renovation Proposal Approved
  7. WIN: Rep. Kelly Supports Preservation for Promontory Point
  8. WIN: Momentum Growing For Central Park Theater Restoration
  9. WIN: Effort to Landmark Chicago Vocational High School
  10. PETITION: Landmark Chicago Vocational School
  11. WIN: Reopened Lincoln Park Zoo Lion House Blends Old and New
  12. THREATENED: Archway Standard Oil Station Endangered
  13. BUYER WANTED: CMD’s Clock Tower Listed For Sale
  14. THREATENED: Our Lady of Victory Church Closed
  15. WIN: Double Door Renovation of Wilson Theater Building
  16. WIN: Neighbors Unite to Renovate Historic South Shore Building
  17. WIN: Workers Cottage Initiative Grows To More Neighborhoods
  18. WIN: Iowa Building in Jackson Park to Be Restored
  19. LOSS: Edgewater’s Motor Row McNitt Building Demolished
  20. LOSS: Pre-Fire Building at 116 N. Willard Court Demolished
  21. TENANT WANTED: Medinah Temple Seeks For New Use
  22. BUYER WANTED: Former St. George Church Sale
  23. URGENTLY THREATENED: Demolition Imminent for Cenacle Building
  24. THREATENED: Roy Boyd Gallery Building Targeted for Demolition
  25. BUYER WANTED: Renovated Lincoln Park Home For Sale
  26. WIN: City of Chicago Honors Best 2021 Preservation Projects
  27. THREATENED: Early Warning Signs
  28. THREATENED: 90-Day Demolition Delay Watch List
  29. LOSS: Spotlight on Demolition (85 demolitions in November 2021)


  • PRINT: Reconstructing the Garrick: Adler & Sullivan’s Lost Masterpiece
  • PRINT: Edgar Miller’s handmade homes have become wellsprings of inspiration for local artists
  • PRINT: The Old Post Office – Best Reuse of a Historic Building
  • PRINT: Yes, Chicago Really Has an East Side


  • “Romanticism to Ruin: Two Lost Works of Sullivan and Wright” at Wrightwood 659
  • “A Better Life for Their Children: Julius Rosenwald, Booker T. Washington, and the 4,978 Schools that Changed America”
  • “Drawn to Combat: Bill Mauldin & The Art of War” at Pritzker Military Museum


  • “Helmut Jahn: In A Flash;” A Documentary by Nathan Eddy
  • “Louis Sullivan’s Idea,” a book by Tim Samuelson and Chris Ware
  • “Modern in the Middle” Receives Modernism in America Award
  • “Remembering Edgewater Beach Hotel”, by John Holden & Kathryn Gemperle
  • Central Manufacturing District East Walking Tour by Preservation Chicago
  • Pullman Grand Opening Preview (1:15)
  • Vautravers Building Move Stop Motion
  • Starship Chicago: Thompson Center: A Film by Nathan Eddy
  • Roseland’s South Michigan Avenue Commercial District: “The Avenue’s” Past, Present and Future
  • Preservation Chicago Virtual Tour of the Arlington Deming Historic District
  • Video Overview of the Preservation Chicago 2021 “Chicago 7 Most Endangered” (3:48)
  • Full Presentation of the Preservation Chicago 2021 “Chicago 7 Most Endangered” (57 Minutes)


  • Chicago 7 Posters and Swag
  • Please Support Preservation Chicago


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