May 2021 Month-in-Review Newsletter


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Table of Contents
  • WIN: Muddy Waters House Museum
  • WIN: La Luce / Lake Street Schlitz Tied House
  • THREATENED: Thompson Center
  • THREATENED: Chicago Union Station Power House
  • THREATENED: Lakeview State Bank
  1. THREATENED: Thompson Center Upzoning
  2. THREATENED: Jahn’s Passing Reignites Thompson Center Debate
  3. THREATENED: Pittsfield Building
  4. POTENTIAL WIN: Congress Theater
  5. WIN: The Forum
  6. WIN: Wilson Theater Building
  7. THREATENED: OPC Skyrockets Rents and Displaces Residents
  8. POTENTIAL WIN: Sears Building at Six Corners
  9. THREATENED: Cenacle Retreat House
  10. WIN: Pentecostal Church of Holiness, formerly Our Lady of Lourdes
  11. THREATENED: Chicago Loop Synagogue
  12. WIN: Historic Morse Avenue Building
  13. THREATENED: Loss of 2-, 3- & 4-Flats Threatens Housing Supply
  14. LOSS: The Demolition of Unprotected Pilsen Buildings
  15. THREATENED: Avondale Bungalow at 3840 W. Cornelia
  16. THREATENED: Merrick-Culver House in Austin
  17. LOSS: North Shore Dairy
  18. LOSS: Documenting the ADM Wheat Mill Demolition
  19. IN MEMORIAM: Chicago Sun-Times Editorial: Helmut Jahn
  20. IN MEMORIAM: Remembering Architect Helmut Jahn and His Work
  21. IN MEMORIAM: Richard H. Driehaus; Philanthropist and Preservationist
  22. THREATENED: Early Warning Signs
  23. THREATENED: 90-Day Demolition Delay Watch List
  24. LOSS: Spotlight on Demolition (84 demolitions in May 2021)
  • WTTW: Architecture of Chicago’s Christian Science Churches
  • WTTW: Restoration of GAR Hall at the Chicago Cultural Center
  • WBEZ: What’s That Building? Chicago Loop Synagogue
  • RADIO: Ward Miller interview on Thompson Center & Helmut Jahn
  • VIDEO: Chicago History Shorts from Dilla, The Urban Historian
  • PRINT: Chicago Workers Cottage Initiative
  • PRINT: Institute for Housing Studies: Patterns of Lost 2 to 4 Unit Buildings in Chicago
  • PRINT: Place Economics: Missing Middle Housing: A Micro-Analysis
  • Pritzker Military Museum Presents “Drawn to Combat: Bill Mauldin & The Art of War.” May 14, 2021 – Spring 2022
  • Preservation Futures Seeks to Elevate the Social and Cultural History Embedded in Places and Spaces
  • Starship Chicago: Thompson Center: A Film by Nathan Eddy
  • The Most Endangered Building in Chicago [Thompson Center]: A Video by Stewart Hicks
  • Roseland’s South Michigan Avenue Commercial District: “The Avenue’s” Past, Present and Future
  • Preservation Chicago Virtual Tour of the Arlington Deming Historic District
  • Video Overview of the Preservation Chicago 2021 “Chicago 7 Most Endangered” (3:48)
  • Full Presentation of the Preservation Chicago 2021 “Chicago 7 Most Endangered” (57 Minutes)
  • Chicago 7 Posters and Swag
  • Please Support Preservation Chicago


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