Keep St. Matthias Parish Open! Petition

St. Matthias Parish is one of the oldest catholic churches in Chicago and has been a major pillar in the Lincoln Square community for over 130 years. And now, the Archdiocese of Chicago is closing the parish and merging the parishioners with Queen of Angels. Many parishioners feel a close bond with St.Matthias because they are the 4th or even 5th generation of their family to be a part of the church. In addition to being an institution and a pillar in the community, the church is absolutely beautiful with amazing stained glass windows and newly restored paintings. The church is even equipped with a working 80+ year old pipe organ named Helga.

There is no reason why the church can’t stay open for at least 1 Sunday mass a week. Completely closing this church will leave a major hole in the community, and in the hearts of the parishioners.

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