Hiding in Plain Sight: Architectural Gems of the South Side Tour with Lee Bey September 15, 2021

“The Know Your Chicago committee takes great pleasure in welcoming you to our seventy-second season of civic engagement with the Chicago community. This tour season will be unlike any we have offered before, and brings our unique brand of behind-the-scenes access to your personal computer. Over two Tours, registrants are invited to learn more about two important topics: the fate and future of architectural gems on Chicago’s South Side, and the vital role that equal access to internet plays in our communities and City’s future.

“Hiding in Plain Sight: Architectural Gems of the South Side Tour with Lee Bey, September 15, 2021

“Going my way? Join noted architecture critic and photographer Lee Bey as he takes us on a personal virtual tour of Chicago’s special places based on his recent book, Southern Exposure: The Overlooked Architecture of Chicago’s South Side. He’ll take us to rarely visited sites and show us how to see neighborhoods in new ways. Presented on September 15th, this unique tour includes the virtual video program, interviews with experts, an interactive discussion with Q&A and downloadable reading materials including building information, maps, and biographies.

“Live event: Wednesday, September 15th
12:00 – 1:10 pm CDT
$30 or $50 for Season Pass
*Recording available to all registrants*

Link to register

Refer to www.knowyourchicago.org for additional information.


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