Helmut Jahn: In A Flash A Documentary by Nathan Eddy


“MAS Context and the Goethe-Institut Chicago are hosting the digital screening of Helmut Jahn: In A Flash, a documentary by Nathan Eddy. The film will be available on this page. Helmut Jahn: In A Flash had its world premiere in Chicago on December 1, 2021, presented by MAS Context and the Goethe-Institut Chicago.

“Helmut Jahn was an endlessly inventive, persistently evolving architect in possession of astounding nerve and unflagging creative exuberance. An interview from June 2016, conducted in Jahn’s Chicago office, sheds light on his approach to design, his personal evolution as an architect, and the challenges facing the contemporary city.

“Nathan Eddy is an award-winning American filmmaker and journalist specializing in architecture and urban planning issues. His first two films, The Absent Column and Starship Chicago, document the struggle to protect Chicago’s architectural heritage. In 2017, Eddy organized and led the successful protest movement to landmark New York City’s epochal postmodern skyscraper, Philip Johnson and John Burgee’s AT&T Building.” (MAS Context)

Helmut Jahn: In A Flash, a documentary by Nathan Eddy (19:23)


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