City of Chicago DCASE presents “Activism: The Fight to Preserve House’s History” With Guest Panelist Max Chavez Friday, June 23, 2023

Activism: The Fight to Preserve House’s History
Friday, June 23
Preston Bradley Hall
Free admission

“The endangered status of the building that once housed the legendary Warehouse nightclub illuminated the urgent need to preserve Chicago’s House history. The fight to prevent the Warehouse’s demolition created an intergenerational movement demonstrating what community organizing can accomplish.

“This panel will talk to members of the House music community that got the ball rolling in the effort to save the Warehouse, a critical locale in the shaping of House music. Folks young and old felt strongly about its need for preservation and worked with Preservation Chicago, the group that presented the collective 14,000 petition signatures, written, and spoken testimonies for preservation that led to the granting of Preliminary Landmark Recommendations, with unanimous votes from the Commission on Chicago Landmarks. The fight is not over, and while we await the final say, we’ll discuss what actions everyone can take to continue preserving and archiving Chicago’s House history.”

See the full schedule at City of Chicago DCASE website

City of Chicago DCASE
Birthplace of House Music
The 2023 House Music Festival and Conference
June 23 & 24


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