Chicago’s Last Remaining Stable Demolished

The Noble Horse Theater at 1410 N. Orleans Street, reportedly Chicago’s last standing stable has been demolished. The stable and many of the horse carriages that it housed were severely damaged by a targeted arson attack in 2015. The last of the carriages were moved out in 2016 and the property was later sold for development. A new seven-story, 252-unit apartment building is planned for the site.

“The stable dated to the Great Chicago Fire in 1871 and originally housed 60 coach and riding horses. It was renovated in 1922 and became a riding hall and academy, and later a theater for performing horses” (DNAinfo, Ted Cox, 5/22/17)

Additional Reading

Noble Horse Theatre fire, Video from Chicago Tribune, Antonio Perez 2/6/15

City’s Last Stable, Noble Horse Theater, Demolished, DNAinfo, Ted Cox, May 26, 2017

Fire Devastates Noble Horse Theater; ‘Free the Horses’ Graffiti Discovered, DNAinfo, Mauricio Peña and Paul Biasco | February 6, 2015


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