Chicago Art Deco Society presents Monuments of Art Deco: Touring the Modern Argentinian Designs of Francisco Salamone


“Join Chicago Art Deco Society for the first fall virtual lecture, on the works of Francisco Salamone. CADS will be kicking off our semester of exploring international Art Deco with a talk highlighting Salamone’s exquisite modernist design work, in conjunction with our forthcoming issue of Chicago Art Deco Magazine’s articles and themes.

“Salamone was one of Argentina’s most prolific and acclaimed architects of his country’s turbulent Infamous Decade period of the 1930s. The pampas of rural east central Argentina may seem an unlikely location for the monumental Art Deco designs, but between 1936 and 1940, Salamone designed futuristic town halls, cemetery portals, and even slaughterhouses. His cosmopolitan design work blends stylistic influences ranging from Italian town halls of the late Medieval period to the visionary designs of the Italian Futurists of the early twentieth century. With his oeuvre and story little known outside of his home country, his works stand as awe-inspiring monuments to South American Art Deco waiting to be explored. Join art and architectural historian Kathleen Murphy Skolnik for this virtual tour of a sampling of Salamone’s unique architectural masterpieces.

“Kathleen Murphy Skolnik teaches art and architectural history at Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois and leads seminars on Art Deco design at the Newberry Library. She is the co-author of The Art Deco Murals of Hildreth Meière and a contributor to the recently published Art Deco Chicago: Designing Modern America. From 2009 to 2016 she was the editor of the Chicago Art Society Magazine. She currently serves on the Advisory Board of the Art Deco Society of New York.”

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