90-Day Demolition Delay: Shedd Aquarium, 1200 S. DuSable Lake Shore Dr., Lake Shore

Date Received: 09/06/2023
Ward: 4th Ald. Lamont J. Robinson
Applicant: Burnham Nationwide, Inc. C/O Amy Kenny
Owner: Shedd Aquarium Society C/O Robert Wengel
Permit Description: Exterior and interior demolition including dismantlement of the north terrace and the removal of the existing skylights. This demolition scope was broken out of the previously approved permit application #100994422. A separate permit that includes the expansion of the north terrace with salvaged balustrade and marble, roof replacement on the north gallery, a new southwest entry pavilion and landscaping as previously approved in permit application #100994422 is forthcoming.
Status: Released 09/11/2023 [Application for this address previously released 07/18/2023]


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