8. THREATENED: Orange-Rated Hanson Park Field House Released from 90-Day Demo Delay after Two Days!

The architecturally significant orange-rated Hanson Park Field House located at 5501 N. Fullerton Avenue will be demolished. An important fixture in Hanson Park since 1936, this elegant brick and limestone field house building with arched floor-to-ceiling windows and limestone columns was designed by John C. Christensen. A $12 million Cook County health clinic will be constructed in the park on the site.

The Hanson Park Field House was listed as orange-rated on the Chicago Historic Resources Survey (CHRS) and was in stable condition with reuse opportunities, according to a recent building condition report. The historic structure could have been incorporated into the new construction plans either through adaptive reuse or incorporating the historic façade. The 90-Day Demolition Delay is designed precisely to allow the voice of community members and other stakeholders the opportunity to be heard. However, the demolition permit was released 48 hours after being received.

“This wonderful historic building could have been a beautiful component of the new health center and proved a great asset to the Belmont Craigin community,” said Ward Miller of Preservation Chicago. “Orange-rated buildings are supposed to have a 90-day hold to explore reuse possibilities. Expediting the demolition of historic buildings really defeats the purpose of having the Chicago Historic Resources Survey.”


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