2018 Retrospective for Chicago Historic Preservation By Chicago Patterns Published January 2, 2019

2018 Retrospective for Chicago Historic Preservation
Published January 2, 2019
By Chicago Patterns
This yearly retrospective is by Rachel Freundt and John Morris with additional photographic contributions by Eric Allix Rogers, Noah Vaughn, and Neil Arsenty.

“In years past, our yearly retrospective of architectural preservation in Chicago consisted of mostly losses with a few small wins. In 2018, however, a few significant victories changed the tone of how the city’s historic resources are maintained and preserved.

“Some of same trends from years past continued in 2018: the loss of late 19th century Italianate homes and flats in near-NW side neighborhoods and Victorian cottages in places like Lakeview and Lincoln Park. Some of these erasures are stories of displacement, as long-term residents in older buildings are pushed out as developers erect expensive single-family homes and 2/3 flats in the place of existing buildings.

“But on the plus side, two themes emerged in 2018: new landmarks and community action…”

Link to full article complete with over 40 photos at www.ChicagoPatterns.com


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