2. THREATENED: Lincoln Park Second Christian Science Church To Be Closed. Preservation Chicago Advocates for Cultural Center Use.

The Second Christian Science Church, located at 2700 N. Pine Grove Avenue and Wrightwood Avenue, has been an architectural masterpiece in the Lincoln Park community since its dedication in 1901. Due to the increasing cost of maintenance, the church board made the decision to sell the property. Despite being designed by the celebrated architect Solomon S. Beman, this majestic Beaux-Arts building has no landmark protection and current zoning would allow a much taller building to be built.

Ward Miller, Executive Director of Preservation Chicago, spoke at the public meeting to encourage preservation and landmarking of the historic building and is actively seeking “angels” who could sponsor the deferred maintenance of the building and create a cultural center use for this historic gem.

As reported by Peter Von Buel in the Skyline, Ward said, “What we do need collectively is a great and amazing resource and cultural center, for an already dense neighborhood. This is a once-in-a-life-time chance. Let’s not blow it, with another embarrassing loss and demolition of one of Chicago’s great architectural treasures.”


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