18. WIN: David Adler Lincoln Park Landmark Looking For Preservation Buyer

The four Lakeview Avenue row houses at 2700-10 North Lakeview Avenue became a Designated Chicago Landmark in late 2016, essential to prevent replacement by a high-rise and to make the property eligible for significant tax benefits. In 2017, Foster Design Build began and comprehensive restoration and deconversion to residential. Designed by David Adler and completed in 1917, these Georgian-style townhomes overlook the northern portion of Lincoln Park. While all exterior elements were drawn from historical Georgian design, each home had a unique identity with distinctive doorways and window styles. The townhouses share a similar exterior appearance of bright white limestone, dark brick, and elegant wrought-iron fences and balconies.

Renamed as Adler on the Park, the Landmark Building is being renovated by Foster Design Build, a preservation-sensitive developer. There are two options moving forward, either to redivide into large, high-end townhomes or to renovate as a large single family home. Preservation Chicago considers the single family home restoration option to be preferable as it would allow greater flexibility to restore the existing historic elements, including the extraordinary staircase.

Preservation Chicago played an instrumental role in the suggestion, strategy, and “lead from behind” throughout the process of Chicago Landmark Designation for this important series of building in 2016.


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