PETITION: Save the Chicago Town & Tennis Club/Unity Church!

Preservation Chicago recognizes the need for Misericordia’s extraordinary housing and services. We strongly support this important work, and we believe it is possible to both meet the high demand for Misericordia housing and repurpose the historic Chicago Town & Tennis Club building at 1925 W. Thome Avenue in the West Ridge neighborhood of Chicago.

We encourage the City of Chicago to work with Misericordia to achieve a zoning density and site plan that can accommodate housing for at least 150 Misericordia clients, while keeping the historic building intact either for adaptive reuse by Misericordia or to sell to a preservation-minded developer.

PLEASE sign the petition today to support this approach that allows for the housing units so desperately needed by Misericordia’s clients while also saving an important historic Chicago asset.

SIGN THE PETITION! Save the Chicago Town & Tennis Club/Unity Church


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